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Thank you for visiting us today! Some people have asked, “Why did you pick Regalo as the name of your theater company?”

This is a very good question.

Regalo is the Spanish word for Gift! Someone also told us that it also means gift in Italian but I haven’t stopped long enough to verify that yet. 🙂  Maybe someone wouldn’t mind checking that out for us? LOL

Gifts come in all sizes, shapes, and delivery methods. However, in this case, we believe very strongly that theater is a gift! A gift for actors, a gift for the crew, and a gift for our audience members. In all of our years of theater, it is inevitable that someone eventually pulls one of us aside and says, “Thank you. Being in this show has changed my life.”

The reasons they give vary from, just needing a creative outlet, to a personal realization, to even making the decision to avoid making a seriously negative life-changing event. Some use theater as therapy, others use theater to slow down and reflect. The gift that theater gives is personal to each person participating.

There is an energy that audiences feel while attending a live show vs the movie theater.  I believe this is why people attend concerts, musicals, and live arts events.  The energy that is generated is palpable and has a real positive effect on the viewer.  

Whatever the reason, theater is a gift to so many. This is why Regalo Theater Company came into existence. Providing the gift of theater is always on our minds, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to bring this gift to north Utah County.


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